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Primary Arms Optics – Winner of this years “Red Dot Optic of the Year” Award. — EpicTactical

HOUSTON, TEXAS – At the 2021 Industry Choice Awards, Primary Arms Optics won this year’s ‘Red Dot Optic of the Year’ Award with their new SLx® MD-25 ACSS® Red Dot Sight. The annual Industry Choice Awards bring together dozens of independent evaluators from all corners of the firearms industry, including competition shooters, Law Enforcement, Military, Gunsmiths, range owners,...

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“Leaflets three, let it be”, Getting to know Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) and Poison Ivy (T. radicans) — EpicTactical

By Christopher Nyerges [Nyerges is the author of “Guide to Wild Foods and Useful Plants,” which includes a chapter on poison oak. He has led ethno-botanical walks since 1974.  Poison oak is a widespread vining  plant throughout the western states. It can be found north into Canada, and south into Baja California. The vines can stretch for many...

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