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Seems many of you have not been updated yet. The new website has been up for about a month now. You can find the daily content you are used to gettting from me over there. It’s easier to use, its faster and cleaner with no problems with it going down for hour at a time. Essentially its...

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Pucker Factor , Stories of MACV SOG

If you like my SOG stuff you will really like the book put out by my friend Jason Collins. Jason has put a lot of effort and time into his work and it’s well worth it. You can buy it at the link below and read it on your phone,laptop etc. If you haven’t yet, come on...

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Taliban Celebration Parade –

After biden’s lecture last night telling us what a modern success the route.oops I mean “evacuation air lift” was, today the Taliban are having a helluva victory parade like they just won the Super Bowl. , President Biden bragged about the US exit and evacuation calling it an “extraordinary success”. He said, “No nation has ever done anything...

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Let’s Have A Talk About The Website

Lets have a little back and forth. I have been thinking about moving looserounds over to substack. There are a few reasons for this. First is, google demonitized the website last December. The only money the site makes now comes from the pitiful wordpress ads and whatever ad space that I sell. The google issue was a matter...

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