San Diego To Ban “Ghost Gun” Kit Sales

From Zerohedge Readers are aware Democrats are coming for “ghost guns” and have already begun to ban these unserialized weapons. Ghost guns are untraceable to the federal government and can be bought at gun stores or online in 80% lower kits. Since the lowers are unfinished and involve some drilling and tinkering, the lowers are not considered guns,...

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Night Vision Devices Announces RNVG Binoculars

Pennsylvania, August 2, 2021 – Night Vision Devices is pleased to announce that the AB Night Vision Ruggedized Night Vision Goggle (RNVG) is now available from NVD as a fully built system. This kit includes your choice of multiple tube options, padded soft carry case, a FULL 10 year warranty and standard accessories. Please note that the RNVG...

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Battle of Chipyong-Ni |

I don’t know about you but when it’s hot I like to read or watch things about the cold. Seems to sub consciously cool me down. So lets take a look a frosty battle from 1951, The battle of Chipyong-Ni. Taking place from 13–15 February 1951 between US and French units of the US 23rd Infantry Regiment and various units...

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5.11 Products for Summer 2021

Irvine, Calif. (July 27, 2021) – 5.11, Inc., the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, today announced the release of several exciting new products that expand the brand’s offering for outdoor adventurers, public safety professionals and tactical enthusiasts alike. The newly released items are available online and in-stores now. “To live our mantra of Always Be...

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1-0 Sgt. Edward Ziobron Command& Control Central MACV­SOG, 5th SFG(A), 1st SF, Kontum, Republic of Vietnam.

On Nov 26 1970, Sgt. Ziobron and his recon team from MACVSOG, where tasked with conducting a clandestine operation into Loas. Upon insertion, the team came under intense fire from and overwhelming enemy force. Although wounded in the face , left arm and leg by a B40 rocket, Ziobron lead an uphill charge against the entrenched enemy, killing...

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Today in History: The Battle for Tinian

77 years ago today, July 24th 1944, the battle for Tinian began. Phase III of Operation Forager saw the 2nd and 4th Marines Divisions loading up shortly after finishing the major operations of Saipan to land on Tinian. Where the 2nd had more or less taken the lead on Saipan this time it would be the 4th’s turn....

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